Recharge Landscape Lights

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Recharge Landscape Lights

Help find a digital camera -- found some, but need suggestions and advice?

Looking for: aperture priority, shutter priority, full manual, shutter range 1/2000-30, 4x optical zoom, conversion lens capability. Manual focus and image stabilization are plusses. I can compromise on all points.

Need a camera good for candid shots, landscapes, posed -- general purpose. I will be taking many indoor and low-light shots.

Max price: $500 (list price can be higher if I can reasonably find it for ~$500 online)

I've used the Fujifilm Finepix E550 in the past. It is a good camera, but I did not appreciate the long recharge time for the flash and the max 3s shutter.

Cameras I have considered:
Sony DSC-H1: Great zoom, shutter range. Like IS. Comfortably fits in my hands, but worried about size; this is the largest I will go.

Sony DSC-V3: Good cam, meets requirements. Does it have a tripod mount?

Any comments on there? Suggestions? Good cameras I've missed? Other things I should know? Any help is appreciated.

Check out the digital camera feature search engine at You can enter all your important criteria, and it provides a list of camera that meet your requirements. It may allow you to add a few more cameras to your short-list. And the site itself is great for answering all your detailed questions about specific cameras. Personally, I've been eyeing one of the Panasonics that meet a lot of your same criteria.

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